What we do

Collection of donation

We collect donations from our generous donors at the beginning of the year.  The EUTB team members each make donations equivalent to sponsoring a student for the entire year. EUTB approves scholarship applications based on the projection of donations expected to be received every year.

Collection of applications and approval 

Scholarship applications are usually collected from the students of grade 9 to 12 through the EUTB local coordinator across Bangladesh.

EUTB members then meet virtually to discuss the applications received and make a primary screening. Then EUTB members talk directly to the short-listed students and the respective parents to understand the student’s eagerness and family conditions. EUTB tries to verify the information provided in the applications from alternative sources.

Monthly disbursement of scholarships 

We usually approve the scholarship at the beginning of the academic year for the entire year or the SSC or HSC examination, whichever comes first.

Once the application is approved, a student of grade 9 or 10  receives f BDT 1200 and an HSC student receives BDT 1500 per month. The Bangladesh coordinator disburses the scholarship amount periodically to the local coordinator through mobile banking. The local coordinator then disburses the scholarship to the student every month.

Monitoring of the student’s progress

EUTB regularly monitors the academic performance of the students. The scholarships are continued only on the condition of satisfactory academic result.